Yes Im that broke college girl that has incredibly expensive taste. I can’t help that I was born this way, but an item every now and then won’t hurt!

Candles have always been a staple item in my room since I was ten. Not the basic yankee candles, or cheap old smelling ones from Walmart, but the candles that smell like they came from a beach resort in Malibu or some crazy white sanded island in the Bahamas. Even though Anthropologie is pricy for a 21 year old, they have the best smelling candles that have ever been created. They range from $25-$50 based on the size of the candle, but the good thing is that they last a lot longer then the simple yankee candle. They always come in these beautifully designed containers, and because they are so aesthetically pleasing, they look good no matter what room of the house you choose to place them. If you want your apartment/house to smell insane, I definitely recommend getting a few of these. Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and other crisp retail stores always carry them. Some of my favorites are Capri BLUE, solar blossom by halcyon, Anatomy of fragrance candle, and Voluspa. Target will also always have a few unique scents that are less than $20.