When I say I’ve tried everything… I mean everything.

Over the years I tried almost every natural remedy, supplement, oil etc… as well as recommended products from salons. I’m not usually the one to spend a ton of money on my hair, because who can afford that in college. However, after I got a descent job for my last two years of school, I decided to book an appointment with a recommended hair stylist. The day I went in, I was told my hair was extremely dry and breaking everywhere. Baby hairs were also flying everywhere because of how much hair I had lost throughout college (stress related) Apparently you can lose your hair from being stressed out constantly. After years of dying my hair and a not so smart decision to use box dye on my hair as a freshman…lets say my hair wasn’t looking too hot. It was constantly dry and breaking whenever I put my hands through it. I was always self conscious because everyone else’s hair always looked so silky and long. I was always wearing my hair up too. A few months ago when I went to the stylist, she told me to purchase Olaplex. I heard of it before, but just thought it was one of those basic hair salon products. She also told me to start adding collagen into my diet. At this point I was desperate and decided to purchase Olaplex N4, and N5. She told me the leave in conditioner N3 was really important for damaged hair like mine. Honestly at the time, I didn’t have the money to drop almost 100 dollars on all of those products. I did end up purchasing collagen peptides, and started to use it everyday in my coffee. Quick Tip: Make sure you blend it with hot coffee, so it dissolves better. I also got the pink lemonade flavor, which is really sweet and refreshing, especially on those hot summer days.

After a few weeks, my hair stopped falling out, started to grow back, and my original texture came back smoother then ever. It was insane, and honestly was worth spending $25 on each bottle. The good thing is that both products last a long time, and should only be used 3-4 times a week. Once you put it in water, it lathers very quick. After a month went by I finally decided to purchase N5. In just a week I noticed a difference in texture and appearance. Using the collagen helped my hair grow back a lot faster. I never thought I would get my real hair back, and I highly recommend these products to anyone who has similar issues with their hair.