How I got rid of my ACNE FOR GOOD

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had some sort of acne, including redness and inflammation. Ever since early middle school, I tried almost every acne product, treatment, and diet to help it go away. Sometimes the products would work, but only temporarily. Unfortunately my acne would always come back.

Up until about a year and a half ago, I finally figured out what was working for me and my skin. It took me along time to figure out the reasons why I have bad acne. And I wanted to be honest because I know theres a lot of people out there that go through the same issues, and hopefully this benefits in some way!

  1. DITCH THE DAIRY: Yes, cheese is insanely good, but not worth the inflmmation it causes on your skin. Its actually one of the worst foods a human can consume. It effects your digestive system tremendously. Your gut health is connected to many other organs in the body including your skin. It effects how you feel mentally and physically. Many peoples stomach issues can be because of dairy sensitivities. Theres research that proves it causes inflammation, increased oils, and can even change body odor…yuck. When I went vegan a few years ago, the inflammation and redness on my face finally decreased. Some of my acne went away too.
  2. PROCESSED SUGAR: this one took me a long time to figure out. It sucks because I love desserts, and anything sweet. In a previous blog I talk about going on a sugar cleanse, and as a result my skin changed a lot through the process. I was stoked, and didn’t know sugar in general could have such an impact on acne. I still treat myself every once in a while but cutting out all processed sugars for example (cereals, cookies, bars, sweetened almond milk, chocolate, sweeteners) has really made an impact with the way my skin looks.
  3. GO TO THE DERMATOLOGIST: yep, just being honest. When I went vegan a few years back I was really against going to the Dermatologist. They were always prescribing me some antibiotic, or chemical cream that didn’t always settle with me. I always think I’m right, so I never listened and consistently used what they gave me. The thing is I never gave the products enough time to actually kick in. Last year I decided to make another appointment, because I was starting to get some bad cheek acne…the gross painful ones too. They didn’t prescribe me any pills, but they did give me a skin care regimen for morning and night. Its super easy and after a few weeks, I started to see a huge difference. Eventually I stopped breaking out all together. They prescribed me a topical, only for the evenings. And sometimes your skin gets worse before it gets better. But trust me they know what they are doing. They didn’t go to school for 8 years to lie to you about your skin lol. Its worth it in the long run.
  4. SPF: As a kid I never really wore sunscreen, and I always got super bad sunspots on my face. I didn’t care much, because I was always distracted and never remembered to put it on. Now… I put it on everyday, no matter what. After I wash my face in the mornings I use 30 SPF CeraVe moisturizer. I never skip a day. Even if Im sitting in a classroom all day, I make an effort to always remember. It doesn’t clog pores or cause oily skin. And because my topical is super strong on my skin, my face will fry if I don’t use it otherwise. It should still be apart of everyones skincare routine, even if you aren’t using strong topical creams. No body wants wrinkles in their early 30’s.
  5. Genetics: Over the past few years, I’ve finally come to terms that acne just runs in my family. I wasn’t blessed with perfect skin, and I’m one of those people that has to work a little harder to make it look better.

Down below I shared all of the products I use every morning and every night. The Retin-A topical is a prescription, but other than that, everything else you can get at your local Pharmacy, Target, etc. I will link the ones that are online only.

Jade Roller: One of my friends told me about a jade roller about two years ago. I always thought they looked cool, but didn’t know they worked so well! They are perfect for mornings after a long night of drinking, or after eating those higher sodium meals from a restaurant. I always tend to wake up extra puffy and swollen if I consume any alcohol or sodium the night before. I usually put them in the fridge, and they feel insanely good the next morning. I don’t recommend the freezer because they won’t last as long, and they tend to break easier.

Cetaphil: I dont like to purchase pricey face washes, or ones that contain extra oils. Cetaphil is super basic and easy for cleaning off any dirt. I use the gentle one because my skin is extra sensitive.

CeraVe SPF moisturizer: I use this every morning after I wash my face. It’s Perfect for combination skin, and sensitive skin like mine. After I apply, I will use another SPF tinted moisturizer, then apply my makeup.

Vanity planet spin brush: I use this every other night to make sure I get any extra dirt out of my pores. I use the silicone head because it feels a lot better then the other ones the set comes with. Its on sale for $27.99 right now so get it while its cheap!

Retin-A: I started off with the lightest % topical cream, and slowly worked my way up to .08%. Its strong stuff, but it does the job. Its helped with evening out my skin tone, shrinking my pores, and most importantly getting rid of those horrid pimples. If you suffer from hormonal acne, cystic acne, and black heads then this stuff is for you! I use it every night, and mix it with my moisturizer. Sometimes it can dry your skin out, and if that happens I will skip a few days, then go back to it.

Grace & Stella Spray: This Rose spray is amazing for after the sun, or any hot day. Its refreshing, and is my go to rose water right now.

Beauty Counter #3: I bought this skin care line a few years ago, and the only product that helped my skin was the #3 Ylang Ylang oil. It helps my skin when its extra dry, especially during the winter. I mix it with my CeraVe moisturizer, and I apply it gently to my entire face.

The Products that saved my hair…

When I say I’ve tried everything… I mean everything.

Over the years I tried almost every natural remedy, supplement, oil etc… as well as recommended products from salons. I’m not usually the one to spend a ton of money on my hair, because who can afford that in college. However, after I got a descent job for my last two years of school, I decided to book an appointment with a recommended hair stylist. The day I went in, I was told my hair was extremely dry and breaking everywhere. Baby hairs were also flying everywhere because of how much hair I had lost throughout college (stress related) Apparently you can lose your hair from being stressed out constantly. After years of dying my hair and a not so smart decision to use box dye on my hair as a freshman…lets say my hair wasn’t looking too hot. It was constantly dry and breaking whenever I put my hands through it. I was always self conscious because everyone else’s hair always looked so silky and long. I was always wearing my hair up too. A few months ago when I went to the stylist, she told me to purchase Olaplex. I heard of it before, but just thought it was one of those basic hair salon products. She also told me to start adding collagen into my diet. At this point I was desperate and decided to purchase Olaplex N4, and N5. She told me the leave in conditioner N3 was really important for damaged hair like mine. Honestly at the time, I didn’t have the money to drop almost 100 dollars on all of those products. I did end up purchasing collagen peptides, and started to use it everyday in my coffee. Quick Tip: Make sure you blend it with hot coffee, so it dissolves better. I also got the pink lemonade flavor, which is really sweet and refreshing, especially on those hot summer days.

After a few weeks, my hair stopped falling out, started to grow back, and my original texture came back smoother then ever. It was insane, and honestly was worth spending $25 on each bottle. The good thing is that both products last a long time, and should only be used 3-4 times a week. Once you put it in water, it lathers very quick. After a month went by I finally decided to purchase N5. In just a week I noticed a difference in texture and appearance. Using the collagen helped my hair grow back a lot faster. I never thought I would get my real hair back, and I highly recommend these products to anyone who has similar issues with their hair.