I never thought I would end up traveling to Pennsylvania… Not because it isn’t cool, but I never had the desire or reason to go. When my boyfriend and I started dating, I found out his moms family was from a small town called Lancaster. It’s a few hours from Philly, and one of the cutest little towns I’ve ever been to. We ended up visiting his family last summer, and had an amazing time exploring. Our trip consisted of small coffee shop visits, thrifting, and antique shopping (for me at least). The small town culture, food, and nightlife is incredible. If you love art like me there are many hidden galleries downtown. The country side is absolutely breathtaking. Along the hills are tons of farms with rabbits and deer running around. If Pennsylvania is on your bucket list, this small area is the perfect place to relax, have a good cup of coffee, and take long rides through the countryside.

Down Below are some of the restaurants and coffee shops we went to during our visit, hope you enjoy!

The Exchange | Downtown Lancaster

The Maryland crab roll and french fries with fancy ketchup are to die for. *The purple drink on the left is called the mood swing.

Cocktail Recipe to remember

  • 1/3 Sauvignon Blanc
  • 1/3 Hendericks Gin
  • 1/3 St. Germaine
    • Serve straight up in Martini Glass
    • Lemon or Cucumber Garnish

This sounds nuts, but trust me its incredible. You will only need one for the night LOL.

MAX’S Eatery

Max’s is known for their spiked milkshakes, and late night breakfast meals. They serve anything from eggs and bacon, to sandwiches and seafood mac n cheese.

Quick & Simple Breakfast | Cafe One Eight

The perfect place to go if your’e in a rush, and in the mood for bold coffee. Healthy and delicious.

Lancaster Central Market

Every year we make time to go to our favorite market. It’s filled with a huge variety of different foods, coffees, bakeries, and juice stands. Everything is made right in front of you and many different cultural dishes are included. My favorite is the asian food stand, I always get a noodle dish with a side of crispy spring rolls. My boyfriend loves to get an Italian sub. One stand makes amazing golden milk lattes which Ive been obsessed with lately. Every year I purchase a few succulents. A sweet amish family sells them near one of the corners in the warehouse. Each succulent comes in a beautifully made ceramic pot, and luckily they are reasonably priced.

Best Coffee in Lancaster|Square One

My boyfriends Uncle showed us the best coffee in Lancaster. Im a huge coffee fanatic, and this place was similar to our favorite spot back home. They have amazing lattes, chais, and sweet treats. Perfect place to get some school work done or go on a coffee date.

Prince St. Cafe

Prince St. Cafe has the best matcha and vegan treats!

Antique|vintage shops to go to

  1. The Scarlet Willow
  2. Building Character
  3. Hidden Treasures

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